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  • Yuzhuo Precision Plastic Products Co,.Ltd
  • ADD:No. 93 Zongdui Road, Dalingshan Village, Dalingshan Town, Dongguan, Guangdong Province,China
  • Toll-free phone:86-18123739382
  • E-mail:Contact@yzmolding.com

    Since we are a new generation of Medical massage equipment brand, we always pursue the perfection of products. So far we have cooperated with YUZHUO double injection mould manufacturer for several years. 

    Our  latest massager shells are molded by them. As the quality has been very stable,helped our sales increase by more than 30% directly. Do really appreciated that the support of all members of the company. 

    YUZHUO is the best choice!




    We can feel that YUZHUO is a very professional double injection mold manufacturer through the first cooperation. Before the production, they did a large number of drawings and raw material analysis. 

    We choose YUZHUO which has more than ten years of experience in the double injection mold industry and overall strength of technology. The design, production, painting, assembly to distribution are exactly what we need.




    The computer Housing were designed by the professional designer of YUZHUO, Colorful、beautiful appearance and anti-scratching. 

    They adopted ABS material are not only environment protection but also has supreme impact-resisting and heat-resisting, it is helpful for the heat-dissipation problem of computer.



    The years of close cooperation with YUZHUO, we have been assured. 

    We are very pleased with the mould designed by this YUZHUO and they always offer supreme service. from the samples to the shipment, every working procedure is very professional. 


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    So far this is the fourth time that we have cooperated with Yuzhuo,the first few cooperations have made us very satisfied.

    Through their professional, caring and efficient services, our company's performance has increased by 20% in three months. 

    We thank all the colleagues of Yuzhuo for their hard work and look forward to the next cooperation. We also wish Yuzhuo have a high business success.


    Lenovo- Computer Housing

    Yuzhuo Precision is not only very professional in the design and manufacture of two-color molds, but also has unique mold design innovation capabilities, professional production equipment and high-quality service attitude.

    Yuzhuo has produced more than 4 million pieces of products for us, each one of which is a fine product. I believe that further demand will surely find Yuzhuo Precision again. Thank you very much!



    Customers Evaluation

    A.  Lenovo's Evaluation: 

    It has been four years since we cooperated with YUZHUO. Many of our large orders of computer cases and computer peripheral plastic products were handed over to them. The computer casing produced by YUZHUO design has beautiful colors and exquisite appearance. The used ABS material is not only green and environmental, but also the manufactured computer case has strong impact resistance, And heat and weather resistance, also help solve the problem of computer cooling.  Choose YUZHUO, no longer have to worry about after-sales service.

    B.  INCIPIO Evaluation: 

    In the past few years of close cooperation with YUZHUO, we have always been assured that YUZHUO is really excellent in mold design. We are very satisfied with the design of the mold, their service attitude is also very good, from the sample to In shipping, every process is very professional. Not only are we satisfied with the products that produce, but our customers also like it very much. We will continue to cooperate with YUZHUO to create brilliance.