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  • Plastic Injection Moulding Automotive

    Plastic Injection Moulding Automotive
    Automobile Data Recorder With Parking Monitor Mold Injection Manufacturer
    Product Details:

    Type Of Mould:Injection Mould

    Mold Material: S136, P20, 718H , 2738 , NAK80 ,1.2311 Etc

    Nr of Cavities: 1+1,1+2+1,2+2,4+4, Single Or Mutilcativies

    Cycle Time:10-30seconds

    Injection Machine Weight:90-1000ton

    Life Span Of Mold:300k-1000k

    Shrinkage: According To Material
    Product Material:PE , PP, HDPE , PPR , PVC , PP , PS , PET , ABS , PC , Etc

    Injection Type:Hot Runner Cold Runner

    Gate Point:Edge gate, Pin point gate, Sub gates, Fan gate, Bayer

    Ejection:Round Ejector Pin

    Slider: Outer, Inner Slider, Lifter

    Surface Finish:Tech Polish, High Gloss, Texture, VDI 3400

    Mould Hot Treatment; Tempering , Quending , Nitriding

    Main Processing Equipmen:Sodick, Seiki, CNC , High Speed Carve , EDM ,Wire Cut , Drill

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